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So far our films have been dark comedies.  This reflects my take on things in life in general - there’s always something funny even in the direst situations. 
I’m intrigued by what precisely makes something funny but I suppose I'm really interested in relationships… particularly friendships, what makes a friendship, tests a friendship… what are the gains and sacrifices involved with any friendship?



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compelling stories
about absorbing characters



FlintSpark is a film production company headed up by filmmaker Sara Jordan who is a writer, director and actor.  


Flintspark films have been seen at festivals both in the UK and overseas with many winning awards.



Sara Jordan's Acting Site



Gary Sefton in The Teabreak by Sara Jordan
Brandan Coyle In The Teabreak by Sara Jordan
THE TEABREAK  dark comedy with Brendan Coyle and Gary Sefton
written and directed by Sara Jordan

It was fantastic to have two such fine actors on this film. What I love most about directing is working with actors to tease out the best performance, to fully explore the subtleties of relationship and the dynamics of comedy.
I have a strong filmic vision and keen attention to detail but also like to keep things flexible so that others feel able to contribute ideas."

Winner "Best Short" Welsh International Film Festival

Lisa Harmer in Lady What Does
Sara Jordan in Lady What Does
LADY WHAT DOES   dark comedy 2019
directed by Sara Jordan and co-written with Lisa Harmer

The Lady What Does is about how the friendship  between a  woman and her cleaner gets very messy which Sara co-wrote with long time friend and actor Lisa Harmer.
After a successful festival run including winning Best Comedy at the Breaking-Tv Festival, Hastings Fringe, & Linear International Film Festival - Todmorden, this film is in development to become a TV series. 


Sara Jordan


Perhaps having an acting background helps me to fully inhabit characters as I find I write fast and intuitively.  I’m particularly interested in dark comedy drama and exploring peoples hidden thoughts and feelings. 



Sketches for Velvet Soup BBC Scotland


How Are You Feeling? A play staged at the Kings Head Theatre


Pic n Mix short film bought by BA and TWA as inflight entertainment


The Weekend short film commissioned for Mountview Theatre School


Passionate Pastimes TV pilot co wrote with Lisa Harmer


Different Mes I Could Be (part one & two) Comedy monologues, YouTube


The Tea Break short film : Winner best short Welsh International Film Festival


Planning The Funeral short film bought by DirecTV available on Amazon Prime


Lady What Does short film produced by FlintSpark Productions


Jitters short film produced by Kindframe Productions available on Amazon Prime

Stuck short film produced by We Make Films available on Amazon Prime

My Husband Is A Dog short film produced by FlintSpark Productions

Member of ITV’s female comedy writers database

Planning The Funeral Cast and Crew
Planning The Funeral
PLANNING THE FUNERAL  dark comedy 2019
written by Sara Jordan and produced in collaboration with Croydon Film
I start the writing process with a thought-provoking question, for example with The Tea Break it was, ‘what would you do if you felt suicidal but then found yourself in a life threatening situation’ with Planning The Funeral it was what would it be like to have to organise the funeral of someone you hated?  Then I think of the characters facing those situations and the writing flows from there.

Winner "Best Dark Comedy" and "Best Actress"  Flicks Film Festival, UK


Picked up by distributor DirecTv

How  It  Started

Sara wrote her first short film script after living vicariously through her best friend's single life
In fact in that script ‘Pic n Mix’,  I incorporated a lot of real-life dodgy dates my friends had been on and own my experience of often being the advice giver. I used the theme of chocolate as a unifying bond between the two women and the colours of wrapped chocolates became the palate for the look of the film.
The film won a comendation from The Greenwich Film Festival.

I wanted to carry on making films from then on but real life got in the way and I got sucked into a corporate job for several years. When I left this role for good I could finally concentrate on my creative projects.


Moving  Forward

Going forward there are several new scripts that Sara is working on - mostly comedy/dramas
I’m looking to experiment with different genres and maybe some documentary work.

I’m keen to get across the complexity of my generation of women, I know so many feisty, fascinating women but most scripts I get sent to read are a ‘mum who likes strictly type’ and, disappointingly, often only there in the background supporting younger main characters.  I felt compelled to write myself some juicy parts as there was so little captivating material for women in their 50’s, yet as we all know they make up a large proportion of the audience. 


I want the heart of FlintSpark to be compelling stories about absorbing people.  I love collaborating with other creatives and am open to discussing new projects. 

So do get in touch! 


Flintspark Productions


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